Mobile App Development


In the first stage of mobile app development, we simply start with a confidential evaluation of your concept.

It’s important to understand the value proposition – what makes your idea unique from any other idea currently on the market?

We listen to your ideas for how to make your app functional while offering a superior user experience to set you apart from the competition.


At this stage, we should have a complete understanding of your concept in addition to the functional components of your app – including Menu, Screens, Graphics, API integration, etc.

From these details, we build a non-functional version of your app – essentially a mock-up which will display the layout of the app for your approval.


Once you have approved the prototype we design, we then begin the more laborious process of coding the app to make it fully functional for the end user.

We code more complex functions including the ability to swipe, tap, and type. We implement all relevant links as well as connect to an API should it be required.


Finally, once the app has been completely coded, we will launch the app in both the iOS and Google Play store for use on Apple and Android devices.

Based on our conversation, you will establish whether the app will generate revenue from monthly subscriptions, in-app purchases, or the sale of the app itself.

We will assist you in setting up your account to start collecting payments from revenues generated.

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