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For those seeking the quickest turn around times, more control, and ease-of-use when it comes to making design changes and edits after a finished product has been delivered, both Wix and Squarespace may be good options for you.


As an example of what’s possible, the Tradition Marketing website was built on WordPress using a custom theme. It has been over a decade that WordPress has established itself as a secure customizable content management system. We have the expertise to create a professional WordPress website for your company customized to your specific needs. Examples of websites we can create with WordPress include: blogs, company websites, merchant websites, social clubs, professional organizations, mobile app and product showcase websites. Many of our clients choose WordPress because it balances ease-of-use, customization, and performance.


If you’re looking for a unique website design unlike any other or desire custom functionality, the custom website is the perfect solution. Custom websites may also offer page loading speed and SEO advantages due to their often ‘lightweight’ architecture. Please note that custom websites offer many advantages but may take slightly longer for delivery.


Community forums are an excellent way of establishing an online community of individuals with common interests. We are experienced in creating community forums using software such as myBB, phpBB, and vBulletin according to your individual specifications.


A responsive website is one that adjusts to accommodate all users regardless of browser or device used to access the website. The end goal is to create a consistent and seamless experience for all visitors to your website. As an example, when working with video, it is sometimes necessary to provide multiple file types in order to appease different browsers.


Consumers connect with businesses and the world online today using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, more than ever before in the history of human communication. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 60% of search engine queries originate on mobile. This trend toward mobile search will only continue to grow as time goes on. All of our websites are mobile-friendly right out-of-the-box, so your business will never miss opportunities for growth through these important mediums.

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